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I just love date night!  And when I say “date night,” it doesn’t necessarily mean a big romantic evening.  It can mean your spouse, or your girlfriends, or any special someone who just makes your life happier and brings a smile to your face.  Whether it’s a movie, dinner, drinks, or cooking together at home, it’s a great chance to relax, catch up, have some laughs, and try new things together!  In my case, my date on date night is my special someone, and he had what was, in my opinion, a brilliant thought a few weeks ago..his newest idea: let’s start having a Healthy Cuisine Night!

Not only does this give us something fun and new to explore together as a couple.  It also allows me to play with different healthy ingredients, helps me to build up my collection of healthy alternative recipes, and gives me great material to write about and share with my beloved Fit Soul and Spice readers!  Like I said: brilliant.

We talked about how Healthy Cuisine Night will work.  We’re always healthy eaters, but Healthy Cuisine Night is a bit more of an extensive meal with an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert ~ it is, after all, a date night 🙂 Here’s pretty much how it goes:

~ We choose a different cuisine together each week.  Then, we look at some recipes and decide on a few options.  The final decision is mine since I’m the main chef. 😉

~ Using the recipes, I form a yummy meal (appetizer, main, dessert), and we exchange certain ingredients for healthier alternatives that will help to create an equally delicious meal, just a much healthier version.

~ I cook us up a Healthy Cuisine Night meal, and he’s in charge of wine!  It’s quite perfect actually ~ I love to cook, he loves to eat, and we both enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.  We drink some wine, share some laughs, and enjoy a delicious, savory Healthy Cuisine Night for two (plus some leftovers for the next few days).


So, keep stopping by Fit Soul and Spice for my Healthy Cuisine Night meal choices, recipe updates, and more fun entries like creating beautiful homemade centerpieces!

Stay healthy.  Stay happy.  Enjoy your date nights! Much love 🙂