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Another superfood I have grown quite fond of is chia seeds!  Now, I won’t lie, I didn’t pay much attention to chia seeds until they became this trending topic in the health and diet world.  However, once I became intrigued, I searched for the 411 on these powerful little seeds, and they quickly became a staple in my lifestyle.

Some Good to Know Facts:

Chia Seed Comparison Chart

Chia Seed Comparison Chart

The first thing you should know is that chia seeds have been valued as a superfood for thousands of years – records indicate they were used as far back as 3500 B.C.  Aztec warriors and runners are believed to have sustained themselves for an entire day on just one tablespoon, or 1/4 cup of chia due to its ability to keep one full and hydrated (read on). It was one of the most important crops for the Aztecs – so important that it was even used often as a form of currency.

Some More Facts About Chia Seeds:

chia seed benefits listChia seeds are very filling.  I add just one tablespoon of these babies to my smoothies almost everyday.  They add a slight crunch to the smooth texture and provide even more nourishment for my busy daily routine.  Chia seeds are able to absorb more than 12 times their weight in water!  Once they absorb liquid, they have a heavier, gelatin-like texture.  For this reason, chia seeds help curb hunger – good for losing weight or for eating on the run with little time to slow down.  This water absorption also helps to maintain hydration.

Chia Seed Nutritional Facts

Chia Seed Nutritional Facts

**Fun Fact: Chia seeds are the same seeds use to make Chia Pets!  Come on, sing along…”Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!”  Turns out they’re great for making grass, too! ;)**

More Fun Facts:

chia seed fun facts

Stay healthy, stay balanced. Much love. 🙂