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Some of my passions are: staying fit and healthy (yes a gym rat/bit of a health nut), doing my best to live each day with a positive outlook on life (positive vibes, mon), and FOOD – the beauty, the flavors, the spices, the culture, the history.  Cooking is a timeless art and I love every single thing about it (accept cleaning up – I do wish the cleaning fairy would exist).  Here, at FSS, healthy alternative cooking is a way of life through the use of natural, clean, and healthy ingredients.  Growing up, we’re always told not to play with our food, but to me, cooking is simply the grown up, gourmet version of this culinary pastime that every child loves – and I think I speak for everyone when I say life’s better if you’re a kid at heart.

“Fit Soul and Spice is a lifestyle.  Your life.  Your style.”


Staying fit, healthy, and in shape.  Very importantly, finding happiness and fulfillment through the balance that being fit can bring.


Your life=your style.  Appreciating and respecting a healthy lifestyle from a positive angle, as it applies to and defines you.  Learning to see the beauty throughout each day.  Positive vibes, positive energy, good karma.


Healthy alternative cooking and recipes for the foods we love the most.  No counting calories, no crash dieting.  The exploration of the art of cooking through the different flavors and origins of delicious, healthy, clean ingredients.


10 thoughts on “FSS Bio”

  1. Great blog and posts, kudos on the wonderful clean pictures too. Enjoying very much and love the messages you convey, one gym-rat to another of course!

  2. Hi, I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. If you are interested, please see my Liebster and More page for nominations. You’ll also receive a pingback I think! Best wishes..

  3. Hi there ! Thanks for liking my post today. I am glad I found a blog that speak about my main area of interest : Health and good food !
    Nice one ! Wish you all the best !

    • Of course, you’re very welcome! Thanks for commenting here, and I am SO glad to read that you are able to take something meaningful for your own life and lifestyle from my blog – my mission is to inspire! Please keep visiting, tons to come! Good vibes your way 🙂

  4. love your blog! read every post

  5. Loved the purpose or reason for existence of your blog. I do my tiny bit to be fit n stay happy. And yeah if the cleaning fairy ever meets u please introduce her to me too 😉 will be back for some wonderful posts.

    • Thanks so much for showing the love! I hope my blog will inspire you to keep up a happy, balanced lifestyle! Haha I will most certainly send her your way!! Come back soon and please share my mission with others 🙂 Much love, positive vibes.

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