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IMG_0964I recently received some products from Synergy Worldwide, a company that creates natural vitamins and supplements.  I decided to try these products in the name of research, because although I am not a strong advocate of dietary supplements, Fit Soul and Spice does not discriminate against individuals’ personal healthy lifestyle choices and areas of interest.  I have many readers and friends who are interested in finding something that may work for their personal healthy lifestyle.  So, I thought I’d give these products a shot and get back to those individuals!

Overall, my experience with Synergy Worldwide has been easy and enjoyable.  I have not experienced any jitters or rapid increase in my heart rate, which is great!  Many products claim to be “natural,” but are really completely dangerous and unnatural, which is just terrible for your body, brain, and heart!  That being said, these products are clearly made with natural ingredients that are meant to assist in your goals, not push you to a dangerous limit.  I can tell from the way my body reacted when I tried them before my workouts, and throughout my days for two weeks.

ProArgi-9+ (Mixed Berry and Citrus Berry)

This dietary supplement is a powder mix that comes in a packet.  You simply add the contents to 4-8 oz of water, but I used about 12 oz to dilute the sweetness and maintain my goals for remaining hydrated.  I tried ProArgi-9+ before my 5am workouts to see if it gave me that ‘boost’ I so desperately need at that hour, especially in the brutal cold.  While it gave me a little bit of an energy boost, I did not feel jittery or nauseous.  I drank it on an empty stomach, so that is always a good test for a product.  Both flavors tasted refreshing, but I have to say I preferred the Mixed Berry more.  ProArgi-9+ gives you that nice little kick in the booty to stay focused, energized, and in the zone during your workout.

SLMsmart Calorie Burner

Now, I must stay true to my own beliefs throughout this review, and I do not believe in relying on fat burners or calorie burners to get the job done.  It’s not at all in the name judgement, it’s just in the name of personal experience in past years.  Your goals won’t work unless you do.  I believe in healthy, clean eating and getting up, moving your body, breaking a sweat, and pushing yourself to work hard for the results you want – and you CAN do it!  I was, however, willing to try this supplement because I would support my readers consuming the ingredients listed in the capsules (for example: green tea leaf extract, caffeine, black pepper fruit extract, etc).

I tried two SLMsmart Calorie Burner capsules twice per day, as the bottle instructed; two in the morning before my workout, and two in the afternoon.  Again, I was happy not to experience any jitters or rapid increase in my heart rate, as many other supplements often cause.  However, over the course of my trial run, I did not notice any increase in the ‘burn’ as I worked out, nor did I experience any change in the way my clothes fit (I don’t believe in scales).  Now, please keep in mind that I work out a lot and I eat very lean, so I was not expecting to see much of a change based on consuming a fat burning capsule.  However, what does or doesn’t work for me may work (or not work) for someone else.  I can tell you that I didn’t feel anxious or sick, and that my energy levels never decreased as I sampled this product, which is more than I can say for many other supplements out there.

So, in conclusion…

IMG_0962If you are in search of a natural vitamin or supplement to assist you in your healthy lifestyle goals and routine, I would recommend these Synergy Worldwide products to people who are searching for something that doesn’t cause anxiety or jitters and breaks down easily and naturally in the body.  Be sure to always check with a physician if you have any medical conditions or concerns, as well, as I am not qualified to do so.

If you’re interested in learning more about Synergy Worldwide products, check out their informative websitewww.synergyworldwide.com

As always, I stand by the Fit Soul and Spice belief that there are no results like the ones you gain from eating lean, clean, all natural foods, along with the implementation of daily exercise and movement.  There is also no satisfaction like the rewards you feel from working hard and earning results yourself.  When you combine these lifestyle habits with a positive and upbeat attitude towards your individuality, your goals, and the world you surround yourself with, sky’s the limit!

Be well, be healthy, be natural.  Much love. 🙂