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possibilities copyIf fitness is simply a part of your lifestyle, then that’s amazeeee!  If not, no worries!!  I’m here to help you find your fitspo today!!  Fitness (based on your interests and your passions of course) is one of the three components of the FSS lifestyle.  Fitness and movement of the body are important for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Fitness should be exhilarating, not monotonous.  For me, and many others I talk to, it’s important to always try and keep variety and spice in my fitness routine.  Why?  Because this is the best way to avoid burning out, getting bored with the same old workout routine every single day, and most importantly, it helps me to avoid training my body to adjust and familiarize itself with the same physical movement every single day.

Why is this important?  Because your nerves and muscles can either react to things in shock and surprise, or react as though they’re trained and ready.  When you shock them, they become more toned, in a shorter time.

Think of it like this: Pretend your friends planned a surprise party for you.  If someone slipped and told you about the party ahead of time and your mind was aware, are you going to be as shocked as if you walk into the room with NO clue?  Of course not!  You’re going to get that initial, stomach tightening shock throughout your body if your nerves and muscles were completely unaware of the “SURPRISE!” you heard upon entering the room.  This is the shock you give your muscles when you switch up your workout routine, and it’s a GREAT trick for full body, long term toning!

fitspoNow, for some things in life, we prefer our nerves and muscles to be ready and aware.  Fitness isn’t really one of those things.  By keeping your body surprised with different workouts and fitness habits, you can boost your metabolism, burn more fat at a faster rate (even after your workout), work on and build different muscles, and hit all different parts of your body with a major burn and boost on a routine basis.

Fortunately, there are workouts today that provide this variety, allowing you to give your fitspo some shock treatment, variety, and spice!

Below is an example of three metabolism boosting, fat blasting workouts that can make for a fun, interesting, diverse fitness plan. You can incorporate these into your daily lifestyle for a better overall, long term fitness result, and for long term motivation.

1)  Affordable and accessible.  Go outside and alternate between running and short sprints.  Jog for 2 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds.  Repeat this for ten minutes.  Repeat the circuit 5 times (50 minutes in all), or more if you feel ready and able.  This torches calories! Your abs, legs, and booty won’t know what hit them!

running in hob copy2)  Are you a kickboxing addict?  If you answered “no,” then you probably just haven’t tried CKO kickboxing yet. I swear by this place and tell everyone looking for a fun, intense workout to sign up!!  It changed my life and my entire body.  With the combination of boxing, cardio, ab work, weight training, and great music, CKO kickboxing burns MAJOR calories, increases flexibility and coordination, and targets/tightens your ENTIRE body.  Short on time?  CKO classes are only one hour long, so you’re in and out.  Seriously, try one class and you’ll be hooked – I did years ago and I’ve been a CKO addict ever since.  This place is my favorite!

CKO logo copy3)  Some like it hot.  Hot yoga – not for the fainthearted.  Many people hear “yoga” and think relaxation, meditation, and stretching.  It is all of these things – but think again if that’s all you had in mind.  When you hear “hot yoga,” you should think hot, sweaty, challenging, and amazingly detoxifying.  Hot yoga is done in hot, humid conditions, and you know all that sweat pouring out of you throughout???  Well, that’s your body ridding itself of all the toxins that are trapped inside, leaving both your inner and outer body cleaner, clearer, and healthier.  When you detoxify your body, you decrease the risk of water weight, bloating, and constipation, have clearer and more vibrant skin, and make it much easier for your body to burn fat and break down food on a routine basis.

sunset yoga copyWant some more detoxification in your life?  Try Fit Soul and Spice’s healthy alternative, clean eating recipes and signature detox water today.

[ DeToxify! ]

Be fit.  Be healthy.  Be fitspired! Much love 🙂