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The leaves are changing, the days are a little shorter, and there’s a slight chill in the air.  Fall is here, my friends!  That means football, apple picking, warm mulled cider, and boot season!  Isn’t it wonderful?

However, as fun as this season can be, surrounded by friends and family, it’s also the time of year when germs begin to soar and spread.  Everyone seems to be suffering from the sniffles at some point in the fall or winter.

Always one to try my best at sticking to holistic methods and natural remedies, I am very happy to share with beloved FSS readers my natural, organic, and (most importantly) highly effective Immunity Shot!

Fit Soul and Spice Natural Immunity Shot

Fit Soul and Spice Natural Immunity Shot

Strengthen your immune system naturally with an FSS Immunity Shot if you have a cold, are feeling flu-ish, or if you’re simply trying to avoid any ailments lingering in the air this fall.  Just last night my throat was soar and swollen, my eyes were watery, my nose was stuffy – I was feeling all around blah!  I had an FSS Immunity Shot, and I kid you not, within an hour I started to feel better.  It clears your sinuses, heals a soar or scratchy throat, restores your natural energy, and makes your body feel stronger.

It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve blogged, but it works, and that’s the most important thing when you’re not feeling well!  Check out my FSS Immunity Shot recipe on my Recipes page.  Take your Fit Soul and Spice Immunity Shot today, and I promise you’ll feel better before tomorrow!

Stay healthy.  Stay strong.  Much love 🙂