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Trust me when I say, not ALL “fitspo” tips are complicated and intricate.  Yes, it’s true that you are the only one who can truly make a change and move towards living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.  There are, however, lots of little ways to push yourself in the right direction!  Some are super easy and will give you an extra little push when trying to motivate yourself to get out there and get your healthy lifestyle on!

When people ask me for quick and easy tips for motivation to work out and get fit, I provide them with tips I use for my own lifestyle and regimen – I practice what I preach, and that’s how I know all things FSS are truly effective.  Today, as always, I provided my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers with two useful fitspo tips which are really quite simple.  Via my Twitter account today (@fitsoulandspice), I write:

via @fitsoulandspice on #twitter: @fitsoulandspice: 2 of my easy #fitspo tips: (1) stay #motivated and #upbeat with#bright colors; (2) enter each #workout with a #positiveattitude!   #fit #soul #spice #fitspiration#inspire #fitness #motivate #igfit #run #workout#getfit #stayfit #embrace #livewell #health #healthy#lifestyle #blog #nutrition

today is all about fitspo tips...

today is all about fitspo tips…

That’s it!  These two things may seem small and mundane, but they will help, and they will motivate you – I promise.  Some other fitspo tips??  Envision your goals, imagine how great you’ll feel at the end of your workout, and STOP saying you’ll do it tomorrow.  Talking about it doesn’t change your lifestyle.  Get those endorphins flowing today!

bright sneakers

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Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay “fitspired” with FSS! Much love 🙂