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The Summer season is the best time to get the freshest, sweetest, juiciest array of fruit your heart desires!  Luckily, because Summer is prime time, many of the fruits you want are for sale at a great price, as well!

I begin every week throughout the summer by heading to my local farmer’s market and  buying tons of fresh fruit.  I head home, cut it all up, and make a huge fruit salad that lasts the entire week, aiding in my maintaining healthy habits.  I eat fresh fruit salad for breakfast, as a snack on the grab-and-go, or I use a big handful of it in my daily smoothies.  It’s a healthy, beautiful, bright addition that I can completely prep ahead of time and add to my fridge for the week.

banana, apple, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi

banana, apple, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi

Today’s “Sweet Summer Smoothie” was made with fruit from this week’s fruit salad.  I used the same quantity of fruit that I’d normally use, just a larger variety of nature’s candy.  It’s fun to play with smoothies, because little changes can alter flavors so much!  Today’s selection of summertime sweets (photographed above) were added to my blender with almond milk and kale for a delicious, hardy, sweet, and satisfying smoothie which kept me full all morning, and will help to sustain my energy throughout the day.


You can find my “Sweet Summer Smoothie” recipe on my “Recipes” page.  Enjoy sweet summertime by staying healthy and nourished!!

Sweet Summertime Smoothie

Sweet Summer Smoothie

Stay healthy.  Stay sweet.  Much love 😉