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People have all these stigmas about eating healthy and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I hear people say stuff all the time like “it’s boring,” “it tastes gross,” or “it’s way too expensive.”  Now this really is a shame, because those stigmas prove to be very untrue.  I’m very happy to report that it does not have to be this way, my friends.

Any lifestyle, healthy and balanced or not, can be expensive to maintain.  This is your life, and you have to make it work for you: your lifestyle, your goals, and your wallet — and you can. But, Fit Soul and Spice is a judgement free zone, and I’m not here to tell you that your beliefs are wrong, because everyone is entitled to their personal feelings and opinions. 🙂

Fit Soul and Spice does it's best to provide healthy, tasty, affordable alternatives for living a healthy lifestyle.

Fit Soul and Spice does it’s best to provide healthy, tasty, affordable alternatives for living a healthy lifestyle.

 I am, however, here on Fit Soul and Spice to provide readers with healthy alternatives for eating and drinking that taste flavorful, are interesting and fun to try, and are more often than not available at a very affordable price.

That being said, let’s get our “Skinny Soda” on!  The reason for my little speech above is because two common struggles I see people have when trying to conform to a healthier lifestyle are 1) quitting the soda drinking and 2) replacing drinking soda with drinking water.  I’ve never been big on soda, but I sympathize with those who are – that has to be a tough transition!  Lots of sugar and carbonation to zero.  I do stick to one opinion: soda is SO bad for you! And the good news is, most water is less expensive than soda anyway! Before reading on, check out the chart below to read some of the side effects of drinking soda…

side effects of soda

That being said, I give you today a drink recipe that is quick, easy, and affordable.  I call it my “Skinny Soda,” and I drink it all the time when I’m craving a little sweetness and carbonation to spice up my bevi without any added calories or refined sugars.  It’s great for everyone, and especially helpful for those who are trying to transition from drinking less soda to drinking more water without all of the refined sugars, chemicals, and bloating.

Skinny Soda

Skinny Soda

Easy, affordable, tasty, and healthy, my “Skinny Soda” recipe requires minimal ingredients that are natural, low-carb/low-cal, and affordable: ice cubes, water, pomegranate seltzer, strawberries, blueberries, and lemon.  That’s it!  So check it out on my “Recipes” page and get your Skinny Soda on today!

Stay healthy.  Stay motivated.

Much love 🙂