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I’m an avid believer in creating a warm home environment that feels comforting to come back to at the end of the day.  I was looking to add something funky and fresh, yet affordable, to my apartment decor.  So, in an effort to get creative while saving some money, I recycled my parents’ old kitchen chairs!

These chairs used to have more of a country, suburban look with dark green stained wood.  Don’t get me wrong – they were really beautiful (mom has phenom decorating skills).  They just weren’t the look I’m going for in my own personal living space.  I’m into more of zen, boho chic style of decor – relaxing, warm, and balanced through the use of a wide spectrum of colors.

painted chairs

my “new” kitchen chairs before the final touch up

Putting my feng shui skills to work, I bought some bright, contrasting shades of paint that felt warm and welcoming, and I got to work!  It felt great to put my headphones on (Spanish guitar always get my creative juices flowing) and spend the weekend painting in the sun and transforming these chairs into my own.  Brand new furniture is always fun to get, but creating your own pieces can be really exciting, too!  Seeing the work and creativity that went into the handmade decor around my apartment has created a sort of inspiring, motivating energy as you walk through the door.  The vibes are positive and the mood is light.  It’s also a very calm, soothing, and welcoming space, which is very important to me as I love having friends and family over to entertain.

So now I’ve achieved my chic boho look with this set of unique, one-of-a-kind chairs you won’t find anywhere else, and my parents are thrilled that their kitchen chairs have been recycled, reused, and revived – at a great price!  Now these chairs will be a part of many more memories.  Everyone’s happy ~ and what’s better than that?  I must say, the chairs are looking beautiful in my apartment, too!  Make your home your own by getting creative to define your own personal style!

Want some more ideas?

Here’s a list of some other ways recycling has gone chic in my apartment:

~ Wine bottles as vases (just one long stem flower looks gorgeous)

~ Wine corkboard (save and superglue corks onto a wooden board, add thumbtacks, hang or lean on wall)

~ Wine cork candle holders (save corks and mason jars, drop corks into jars, place tea candle on top)

~ Mason jars (to hold or store smoothies, coffee grounds, teabags, sugar, or toiletries such as q-tips and cotton balls)

~ Bowl o’ matches (collect complimentary matchbooks from everywhere you go and place them in a bowl – a constant reminder to stay adventurous)

~ Business card bookmarks (save any creative or colorful business cards you receive and use them as a small bookmark – it always motivates me to chase success, too)

~ Paper bag lighting (have some extra brown paper bags? throw some rice in, place a luminary on top, and place them around the room or yard for a dim, unique source of light.  need more light? poke some holes in the bag with a hole puncher)

~ Candle box desk supplies (if you buy a candle that comes in a pretty box, store supplies such as paper clips, staples, or pens/pencils inside)

How has recycling gone chic in your home?  Please share!

Stay creative. Stay chic. Stay unique. Stay funky.

Much love! 🙂