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Love love love me some lemons!  In my water, tea, and smoothies, on my salads and fish ~ even in my Kettle & Club 😉 Ok, ok, let’s keep it PG.  Whether it’s a spritz or a main ingredient, fresh lemon is just such a great addition to so many recipes in life!

If you read my post on fruit infused water, then you already know I love sprucing up my agua to keep things interesting!  But fruit infused or not, lemon is a daily staple in my water.  It’s refreshing, wakes me up, and assists in flushing the daily toxins out of my body.  Why love lemons?  Check this out…

lemon water benefits

More reasons..

– Vitamin C for skin care

Good for the stomach, aiding digestion and and heartburn

– Great for weight loss (ice cold to shock the metabolism, or warm with honey to stir up toxins)

Potassium controls high blood pressure

– A diuretic, helping with the treatment of UTIs and arthritis

– Loaded with potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium (healthier brain, bones, teeth, nerves)

– Increases perspiration to break fevers

So when life gives you lemons…what will you make?! Sky’s the limit, it seems!

Stay livin’ well, much love 🙂