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Yes, you read correctly!  As though watermelon wasn’t already beneficial enough for out health and well-being, now there’s watermelon salad!

Let me begin by listing some facts about this delicious fruit.  Watermelon is:

~ Rich in vitamin C, a disease fighting anti-oxidant that prevents heart disease and cancer.

~ Rich in potassium, a nutrient that may help control blood pressure, regulate heart beat, and possibly prevent strokes.

~ Abundant in lycopene, which is helpful in reducing the risk of prostate, breast, and endometrial cancer, as well as lung and colon cancer.  Lycopene also cuts the risk of sun related skin damage.

~ Improves sleep quality when it’s healthy carbs rev up the body’s serotonin level.

~ Water based (92% water), low cal, and low carb (8% sugars/carbs) – energizing you while filling you up quickly.

~ Best served chilled.  The chill factor causes the fruit cells to remain constricted inside the watermelon.  In other words, the juice will stay inside as you bite it, instead of running out of the fruit and onto the plate or bowl before it’s eaten.

Check out the recipe for this refreshing, juicy, tangy, not to mention quite beautiful looking snack on my “Recipe” page.

watermelon salad

fresh, chilled watermelon salad