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You know those little pocket sized books you glance at when you’re standing, trying to pass time, in that REALLY long line at Barnes & Noble?  Well, a couple of years ago my mom was in that line, and she noticed this tiny little book.

women book coverShe was thoughtful enough to pick a copy up for me, and I’ve kept it close by ever since.  I thought I’d share some wise words from this tiny little book with the big, broad world of blogging.

The message: YOU ARE FABULOUS. Although this entry is geared towards all my ladies out there (you go girl!), it’s important for everyone to have self-love, self-confidence, and to be aware of how amazing they are as an individual!woman book in coverwomen 6women 1women 2

women 3women 4women 5Feels good to be reminded, right?  Remind more amazing women out there by reblogging and sharing the love…

Stay fab, much love 😉