Such a common issue for travelers!

Travel Relapse

One of the hardest things about travel is staying healthy while your out in the world. No matter how diligent you try there are just times when there are no healthy options. Even worse when most of us travel we are automatically thrown into not caring what we consume as long as we have a good time while doing it. While this ideal works fine for a four-day excursion, long-term travelers would be well advised to stay as far away from this mentality.

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to pack good shoes

Being in a new setting on a new adventure has an effect on our minds. With all the excitement of starting something new, being in a new place, and all the wonderful new experiences waiting, it can push some to throw health to the wind, and has many gaining the “travelers twenty”. Whats so hard is that since most of us were young vacations were a time…

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