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green tea picI was always a HUGE coffee drinker.  I’m talking like, 3-5 cups per day, every single day.  It worked for me in college with the late library or party nights, and the early morning classes or workouts.  I still love a good, strong cup of coffee a couple of times a week, which is totally fine because coffee has certai benefits, too. However, a couple of years ago I tried to start drinking more tea.  I had read a lot of things about the benefits of the herbs and antioxidants that different teas provide.

tea benefitsI ended up falling in love with tea, and actually preferring it over coffee.  When I’d drink it in the morning, it would wake my body up in a more calm and soothing way, and I wouldn’t crash a little while after drinking it, which was something I always noticed would happen with coffee.  The energy it provided me with felt very natural, without any jitters or shaking, and it would last more consistently throughout the day.  It relieved stress, and made my body and mind feel calmer and more relaxed getting through the hectic work day.  I also noticed, without making many adjustments to my workout regimen and routine, that my stomach became way flatter, my skin became smoother, and I was able to maintain or lose weight more easily.  Tea did not cause bloating the way that coffee sometimes can.  My skin glowed from the natural ingredients mixed with hot water and lemon, and my eyes felt and looked more awake.  I could go on and on with the changes I saw and felt, but I have done the legwork, and I can personally make the claim that tea is extremely beneficial to maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Tea is now a staple in my daily lifestyle; a sort of detox method, flushing out toxins and making me feel healthy, fit, and awake.

Tea is fun to drink because of the huge variety of flavors and herbs.  You can select a tea for you based on anything ranging from your taste buds, to your mood, to your ailment.  My overall favorite is green tea.  It provides me with that boost of natural energy with its caffeine, makes my skin glow, tastes tasty and bold, and aids my lifestyle.  Below are some benefits of this tea I’ve grown to love oh so much!

green tea

green tea has endless benefits, and provides a substantial amount of caffeine for whoever may need that natural boost of energy!