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dessert smoothie

dessert smoothie

Don’t get me wrong – I love living a healthy lifestyle and working hard to stay fit.  It feels good and provides endless benefits for the body, mind, and soul.  But I agree with those who believe everyone needs a cheat day!  Sunday is my cheat day.  I relax, lay low, and eat whatever I’m in the mood for.  Today I was in the mood for dessert, but I didn’t really want something too heavy.  I just made this sweet, savory, healthy dessert smoothie!

Yum yum yum..made with coconut almond milk, bananas, strawberries, dark chocolate chunks, and cinnamon – you can find the complete recipe on my “Recipe” page. I gave into my dessert craving with a much healthier, equally delicious option – being that it’s Sunday, I threw in a few extra dark chocolate chunks 😉  It was quick, easy, and simple to make.  I also used ingredients I already had in the house, so it saved me a few extra dollars, too.  That never hurts!