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Summer has finally sprung in the city! Living in the city, it’s nice to try and incorporate some natural beauty into your home environment.  It provides a sense of relaxation and balance in the constant hustle and bustle [that I love].  I’m lucky enough to walk out of my apartment into a great backyard, and for a while I’d been trying to think of a unique way to outline the path to my garden and bistro table and chairs. I finally opted to use my most recent beech combing collection to outline the path with these large clam shells. Now everyone knows where to walk when they’re going from one end of the yard to the other.  It’s so easy to surround yourself with beauty. Perfect!! And it was free, too. 😎

garden pathWhen I have friends over for fun summer nights out in my backyard, I create more light by placing luminary bags filled with about an inch of rice and tea candles up my spiral staircase and around my yard. It looks SO pretty and it actually creates a lot of light (without racking up that electric bill 😉) They add a nice glow to my clamshell bordered path, too!