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I saw this abstract, gorgeous picture on Pinterest that was labeled “milk art” and I was intrigued.  So, naturally, I googled “milk art,” found the directions for creating it, bought the ingredients, and tried it out for myself!  It looks way harder than it is!  It was so cool – I felt like a kid again doing arts and crafts with whatever my mom pulled out from the pantry for us to play with.milk art 1

The really neat part is watching the colors and designs change so quickly.  I thought the morphing was so beautiful and unique that I actually ended up taking photographs of the changes as they occurred, ordering some prints, and framing a few of the different milk art designs on my living room wall.  It looks great!  People enter my apartment thinking I paid for these expensive paintings or photos, and they love hearing that these unique additions to my home decor were homemade, affordable, decorative, and quick and entertaining to create.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

All you need is a large plate (NOT paper, solid), some whole milk, dish soap, and food coloring.


1. Cover the large plate with a thin layer of whole milk (the colors seem to blend and move more swiftly and beautifully through the creamier texture).

2.  Add just a few drops of food coloring, maybe 4-5 (whichever colors your prefer to see expand on your plate) to different spots on the milk based plate.

3.  Drop just a DRIP of dish soap over the middle of the plate.  The colors will instantly react and begin expanding at a surprisingly fast pace.

This can be a fun thing to do with kids, or for photography purposes like what I ended up using it for.  Kids are mesmerized by the quick reaction of the food coloring to the small drop of soap.  Try it out!  It’s a fun, quick, simple arts and crafts projects for children and adults!  Below is a grid of pictures I took from when I first dropped the dish soap onto the plate, to how it morphed into all of these different designs within about 2 minutes.

milk art 2