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Clean Salad DressingCreamy dressings are full of bad fats and preservatives. They are processed and what you will have as a result is a fattening, unhealthy salad!  That’s usually the opposite reason for people wanting to eat healthy and light.

To keep my salads healthy, simple to throw together, flavorful, energizing, and refreshing, I squeeze fresh lemon juice, drizzle EVOO, and sprinkle sea salt and ground black pepper over the top. THEN I put a cover on top and do the “salad shake” so dressing covers the whole salad. A bit of dressing goes way further than you’d think!

You can’t see it because I haven’t done the “salad shake” yet, but this salad contains kale, raw walnuts, dried edamame, and some organic dried cranberries.  Topped with this quick and healthy homemade dressing, it provided me with the perfect lunch that was low in fat and carbs, and high in flavor and nutrients.