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Green Smoothie Photo

today’s green smoothie was tasty and satisfying, providing me with tons of energy to get through my busy morning. recipe on ‘recipe’ page

Sometimes people look at me as I drink my green smoothie like “What on earth is that??”  Well, I’m not proud of it, but I kind of used to look at people the same way, and then I TRIED it.  To put it simply, don’t judge books by their covers people!  There’s a lot more creamy and delicious flavor inside of that clean, green smoothie than meets the eye.  Now I’m an addicted advocate of green smoothies, and I hope you’ll give them a chance, too! Check out “Recipes” for today’s clean and green smoothie ingredients.

I try and start almost every morning with a raw green smoothie of some variation.  With an early start and a long day ahead, they’re great for an on-the-go meal, and they provide with tons of energy to get through your busy day.  There are so many benefits to eating clean and green. Here’s just a few:

1.  Extremely nutritious.  My smoothies are made completely of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and almond milk or water.  There are no sugary or processed additions.  You don’t NEED them.  These fresh and natural ingredients provide plenty of flavor without adding any of the bad stuff.  Nourish and balance your body and mind with healthy ingredients.  It will thank you in endless ways.

2.  Packed with fiber. Fiber is the most important thing for our elimination systems.  Fiber is also filling and can help hunger cravings if you are trying to consume less calories, or if you’re busy running around with little time to stop and eat.

3.  Easy to digest.  Because you’re putting your ingredients in the blender, the fruit and vegetable cells are ruptured.  Your green smoothie nutrients and benefits begin being absorbed by your body as soon as it’s in your mouth.  You literally exploded the nutrients in the blender, and they get right to work in your body.

4.  Flavorful.  The sweetness of the fruits is balanced out by the flavors of the greens, which add a creaminess and thick texture to the sugary flavors without losing the individual flavor of each fruit throughout.  Added to almond milk or water, in just minutes you’ve created a creamy, sweet, balanced treat.  Eating fruit provides your system with healthy carbs and sugar, and when you consume more greens in your diet, you’re reducing oil, salt, and bad fats as well.  To reduce sugars and carbs, simply add less fruit and use more greens.  It will be equally delicious!

5.  Easy and affordable!  Juicing (which I am also a fan of) can be really expensive to maintain and time consuming.  With green smoothies, especially if you prepare ingredients in advance for the week (a ziploc freezer bag per day of ingredients), you can simply throw everything into the blender mixed with your almond milk or water base, and push your blender buttons!  YUM.

These are just a few benefits of adding clean and green smoothies to your healthy, balanced diet regimen!