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This is a mixture of seashells, seaglass, and beechwood from one of my recent beach combing adventures.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, “life’s a beach.”  Well, there’s a reason why people say this.  No one ever said “life’s a trip to the DMV,” or “life’s bumper to bumper traffic.”  That just sounds awful.  Think about all the ways that the beach can soothe the soul.  The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore and then receding back into the infinite ocean.  The faint call of seagulls soaring above the water, being thrown about by the ocean breeze.  The soft, smooth sand between your toes.  The setting of the bright orange sun on the horizon when it’s surrounded by radiant pink and purple clouds.  The beauties of the beach are endless.

From the time I was a little girl, my mom and I would take long walks along the beach, collecting beautiful seashells and seaglass.  It didn’t matter where the beach was – the Jersey shore, New England, the Bahamas or Bermuda. It’s a calming memory for me, and what began as something I used to do just because my mom was doing it (I was her shadow), has developed into a deep love of the beach and a hobby that I love.

The best part about collecting these beautiful treasures is that you’ll never find the same thing twice.  Every single shell and piece of glass is different.  Sometimes I’ll find up to 30 whole clam shells in one day, and they’re all completely unique in color, size, and shape.  Seaglass is WAY harder to find, and if I find one piece in a day I’m ecstatic!

They say fruit is nature’s candy.  Similar to this, seashells and seaglass are just a couple of nature’s treasures.  You can create breathtaking art with your own personal collection.  Today, my mom and I still go out and search all the time on many different beaches, and we use our own collection to create beautiful, unique pieces.  We’ve only just begun, and I will be keeping you posted on opportunities to bring the soothing ways of the beach into your home.  Create a calming, relaxing environment with pieces like this…


This gorgeous, handmade mirror is one of my mother’s pieces. She spent endless time and care making this, using different pieces from her beach combing collection including oyster shells and clam shells.